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Messengers Of Light

What Is Destiny? How Does It Work?
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Destiny, Life Path.... Can This Be Known?  Can It Be Changed? 
Angelic Channelling Through Anakya - 24th November 2007


It is our intention to assist you in understanding the concepts of what is termed ‘Destiny’ and what is termed your ‘Life Path’ and how this works in terms of the Universe and your Will.


Many incarnate souls on earth are of the belief and understanding that Destiny is something that is set in stone on some kind of Divine Tablet, which is unchangeable and irreversible.  There is a belief that your lives are mapped out by some unseen force, and each of you is a victim to what is termed ‘Fate’.

What this means is that you have only part of the truth, and to fully understand how this works and embrace the power that you have over your own lives, you will need to examine and perhaps revise your long-held beliefs about this.  That is to say, we speak of what you consciously believe about Destiny, and not what your soul knows, for that is a different kind of knowing.  Your ‘inner self’ or Higher Self, Conscience or Oversoul – whatever you wish to call it, has a deeper knowing of who you are and where you are headed.  It is possible for you to learn to tap into that knowing on a regular basis so that you can be your own guide as you move through your life.


However, your beliefs affect the reality you see – that is to say, what you believe will shape the way your perceive your world and indeed your life.  Therefore where beliefs are limiting or misdirected, change needs to occur if you are to make a success of this earthly experience. 

Let us give an analogy as an example:  Three men are in a field, harvesting their crop.  One of those men is a devout Christian, one believes in Spirit and that there are “greater things in heaven and earth”, and the other believes in nothing. 

A Space craft from another world – what you would term a U.F.O. – flies over the heads of the three men surrounded by unusual clouds, and each see it clearly.  After a moment, the craft flies off, and the three men retire to one of the men’s houses to mull over and discuss what they saw.

The devout Christian says he saw a silver being descending on a cloud, which to him looked just like an angel.  He exclaims over how this sighting is exactly like what he has read of in the bible, and that this being delivered messages to him.

The believer in Spirit says he saw a silver craft of unknown origin, but because he cannot find a reference for it, he exclaims that it must not be of the earth and therefore comes from another world.

The man who believes in nothing says:  “I saw only a cloud.  There was nothing unusual in it, and I do not know what you are both talking about!”.

It is the same experience, in the same location and timeframe, but each perceives the experience in accordance with his beliefs and his openness to that which is foreign to him.

What would their perception have been if this occurred in the fifteenth century?  Or in biblical times?  They would only have been able to use the concepts they had absorbed in accordance with the time and programming from their societal and religious structure. 


Your understanding is defined by your beliefs and the programming that you have had in terms of ‘education’ – whether it be spiritual or worldly.  It is defined by your perception of societal structures, and by what you have been told and have read regarding spirituality.  Your upbringing has also affected the way you perceive yourself and your world, and you will need to also examine what parts of that you may need to change or have outgrown. 


The more you open your minds to possibilities and opportunities that have until now, been beyond your scope of understanding, the more fantastic events, people, and opportunities will cross your path.  Not only will they cross your path, but you will be able to recognise them for what they are.


You will only know what needs changing by examining how it affects your life directly, and how a belief or concept  makes you feel on an emotional and spiritual level.  Only part of such self-examination is intellectual, for much occurs on an energy level as well.  You must have the willingness to change what needs changing, and this is something many souls struggle with for various reasons.  That is also because a part of the process involves taking responsibility for your own life.


God exists.  God IS.  There is indeed a ‘Divine Force’ that supports and to some degree directs you in the course of your existence.  But you have been taught that this force exists outside of you.  That it is separate and therefore you are like a puppet that must do the bidding of this great power, or else suffer the consequences.  This is not really the way it works.


Before you are born, before you incarnate into each life, you undergo an education and review process.  This occurs when you ‘pass over’ into Spirit, or what is also termed the ‘Heavenly Realms’.  With the assistance of angelic beings and your personal Guides,  you review the life you have just left, and examine what you have learned from those experiences.  You are then given some time to mull over this, and come to a decision about where you want to go from there.  You decide what experiences you feel you will need to advance your soul further and gain further understanding of who you are, and your place in the Universe.


For some, this will involve reincarnating with other souls with whom they have associations and bonds with.  It may be that there is unfinished business with these ones, and more that the soul wishes to experience with them. 

To that end, the soul will decide to whom they wish to be born in accordance with what parents and life situations would best suit what they wish to learn.  It may be that they choose certain parents because of the qualities they will gain from each by being born to them. 


It may also be that the soul will be born into a situation that holds much difficulty and challenges, and thus the soul chooses this because of the difficulty knowing that in overcoming his or her obstacles, great spiritual growth will occur. 


But the soul does this in the understanding that these are simply opportunities for growth, as the soul also has Free Will, and may change what he or she does with each experience once they are in the earthly realm.  You are also subject to the emotional, energetic and mental influence of the earthly realm and everything that is in society at the time you are living.  How you use these things as tools is totally up to you.  It is part of the gift of life that you have been given.


To accept that each of you has chosen the basic life scenarios you have been born into is very difficult for some.  Especially if they have been born to poverty, war, abusive parents, or have had great hardship in their early life.  Yet this is exactly what you have done, in accordance with what you desired to learn.


So this means that you have a Destiny which has a basic Blueprint, but the details of the map are not yet filled in completely.  This is because you have the will to change the details by your conscious choices during the course of your life.  You have come into life with basic ingredients in place, but how you mix them is up to you.  How you respond to each experience and what you do with the feelings it generates, will shape what you would term your ‘Future’. 


You can override certain aspects of your chosen life, and even your own programming, for it is only programming, and therefore you have power over it with your own thoughts and beliefs.  You know from the example of present day technology that computers are programmed – and yet those programs can be altered and even removed.  The computers’ function will be limited or expanded by what it knows.  Such is the same with you.  You can learn to take difficult experiences and become stronger, or you can take on the belief that because of them, you are a victim to life.  If you take on the latter belief, then that is exactly what you will create.

There is always a choice, and you have direct power over how any situation or reaction to a situation, affects you.


There are so many things that you believe simply because you know no different.  When you begin to expand your awareness spiritually, you will discover that there are multiple different scenarios, realities and possibilities, and you can choose any of them.  That is the gift of Free Will.


So let us summarise:  You have therefore the basic Blueprint for your life that is set by you before you incarnate.  This ‘map’ has several roads that all lead to the same destination – only there are many details which are not on the map because they have not yet been created by your choices or shaped by your beliefs.  Therefore the route is still subject to change, and this route is planned out and shaped moment by moment.  But the destination will still be the same.  And what is the destination?


The destination is not ‘perfection’ of your soul in the sense that many of you have been told – for it would depend on your perception of perfection.  However perhaps it is better to say it is ‘refinement’ of your soul.  Honing and developing your innermost self until you reach your highest potential.  You have a Divine Blueprint as well, that which you carry within you from life to life.


This Divine Blueprint is different to the Life Path blueprint you decide upon before each life, but it is also intertwined with it.  The Divine Blueprint is what you might call a Higher Purpose, or a Soul Purpose.  This relates to what you have chosen to do spiritually and carries the knowledge you need to reach your highest potential.  This manifests as the Higher Self, or Conscience, or Inner Self – depending on what you choose to call it.  It carries an accumulation of all the knowledge you have gained from all of your life times, as well as what you have learned and experienced while in Spirit.


Through the tools of your thought, imagination and visualization you can make your power manifest on earth.  You have the capacity to think something into being.  You can create and manifest things simply by imagining them.  This is creative power and is associated with the Divine Feminine, or the feminine aspect of God.  A part of you understands this, and that is why human society has always worshipped a ‘Goddess’ principal – represented by many manifestations of this on earth  - including, but not limited to -  Mary, the mother of Jesus (Yeshua). 


The Feminine principal is aligned with the part of your conscious mind that you call ‘Creativity’ and ‘nurturing’.

There is of course a polarity to the Divine Feminine as you would imagine, and the Masculine aspect of this relates to the planning and manifestation of what you have imagined.  It is aligned with the part of your conscious mind that you call ‘Logic’. 

These are different aspects of the same energy – the same Divine Blueprint, only you choose to use them or express them in different ways in accordance with what you wish to learn.  Neither is more powerful than the other and neither is more important.  They are equally powerful and important in different ways. 


That is what is meant when it is said that the soul is neither male nor female, but carries aspects of both.  Your interpretation of that energy results in your choice to be either male or female in any given life.  This is associated with lessons about balance.  When souls incarnate as one, and choose to reflect the tendencies of the other (gay), this is often to teach those around them about balancing these energies and also about acceptance.  There are many things they will learn from that expression as well which will include learning to love themselves.


This Divine part of you has huge creative power.  That is what was meant when it was said you were “created in God’s image”.  It does not relate to a physical image.  It means you have a degree of the same creative power as God does, and your soul is made of the same beautiful cosmic energy.  The same limitless light.  You have the Divine Blueprint.  But you also have Free Will.  This means you can choose to use your power either creatively, or destructively.  You have seen examples of both and experienced examples of both polarities on earth.  This too, is a lesson about balance.  When collectively humanity has grasped this lesson and has changed on an inner level to reflect balance, then your world will be in balance as well.


The key to manifesting balance or harmony is in understanding how all are connected by the fact that you are all created from the same source and are of the same light.  That is a lesson about oneness and harmony, but it can only be fully understood once humanity has experienced what segregation and separation creates, so that you will have a gauge by which to measure. and something which will propel humanity into desiring harmony more and more.


You often believe that one person cannot make a difference, but when you understand the concepts and principals we have discussed here, you will know that what each individual soul does and how the express, cannot to anything other than affect the whole.  You are deeply connected to each other, and to all things.  No exceptions.  How this affects you depends on your awareness of it and whether you embrace that feeling or not.


When you enlist the services of a person with the ability to perceive or tap into your chosen Life Path or Destiny (a psychic or clairvoyant, card reader etc.), they are those whom have the gift of being able to glimpse your map, that blueprint you set in motion before this life.  They have the skill to read some of the signs on that course and interpret them for you to help give you guidance.  They cannot, however, make your choices for you.  Because of Free Will there will always be some things on your life path that are subject to change, and therefore cannot be interpreted clearly at that time.  When you have made the choice to do something on a soul level, and it is ‘written’ on your map, the psychic or clairvoyant can relay it to you as a ‘prediction’. They can also sometimes relay to you that which is the most probable outcome, based on your current energy, thoughts and direction. 

We will discuss the concept of earthly ‘time’ in another chapter. 


You will also come to understand that your Destiny is in your hands to the extent that you do have some power over it through the choices you make and the thoughts you have, moment by moment.  You can shape your future by the reaction you choose to have to the situations, relationships and events that you have in your life.

It is only that you cannot ordinarily perceive where it is that you are headed that gives you the illusion that you are just coasting along with the tides and being flung against the rocks of life with no chance of change or recovery.  You are indeed on a course and following that map that you devised before entering your current life.  It may be that you divert from the course from time to time, but you will still be heading in the same direction.  Ultimately, you are following what is in your Divine Blueprint and on a soul level you are feeling driven to reach your highest potential.  Whether you do so in this life, or another, is up to you.




'Unwrapping The Gift' By Anakya Ariana